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Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services Nashville

Commercial Cleaning Services for the Nashville TN Area

Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services Nashville

Commercial Cleaning Services for the Nashville TN Area

Commercial Cleaning

 And Office / Janitorial Services Nashville TN 


YWelcome to Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services. Let me start by saying, we have earned our 5-star rating by keeping our word when it comes to the commitments we make. The references we give to you will confirm that our office, and janitorial services quality does not drop off in just a couple of months. They remain the same after 5, 10, 15 years of service. We will never take your business for granted or let the quality slip over time. This is by far the number one complaint I come across when I give a potential client an estimate. Their current office cleaning company is not keeping their word and fulfilling their duties.

We have the “it’s clean or it’s free” guarantee. If you are unhappy with the cleaning received from our company, it is free. This rule we follow without exception. We never ask any questions why; we just remove that cleaning from the invoice. We have not found another commercial cleaning service that offers this guarantee.

You will walk into a consistently clean building everyday, clean offices, kitchens, restrooms, and the rest of your company. 35 years of office cleaning and janitorial services has cemented our reputation as one of the top cleaning vendors in Nashville. Harpeth Commercial Cleaning services wants to create long-term relationships with the companies we serve. We know that communication is a key component to our success. We know cleaning companies make promises at the time they are giving an estimate, only to let you down later. We know you have a job to do and it is not worrying over the janitorial service doing theirs. Keeping our customers  by keeping our word makes us different from other cleaning services. If you are looking for something better from the new commercial, office and janitorial cleaning services company you hire to clean your facility, give us a call.
Todd Nichols at (615) 566-7400.
We will make you proud of your decision and the cleaning.

Laura Beth can quickly tell our story,,,

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Our team is highly trained, extremely reliable, and are always professional and thorough.


We offer a clean guarantee! It’s clean, or it’s free! Call us for details today (615) 566-7400


Check our our reviews online and testimonials you’ll be provided with excellent references.

We work with our employees in a family owned business. We assure you that your privacy will be maintained at all times and you’ll receive what you expect every time. We offer ‘day porter service’ as well.

Some Commercial Cleaning Services are selling any customer’s account they can to the lowest bidder and you may not know who’s in your building. Unfortunately, this city has become a hot spot for contract selling, but we will never engage in this practice! Our customer’s security, and the quality of our work is to important to our company.

You will see the same people in your facility every time and that makes us a rare find among commercial companies in Nashville TN. We know this creates stability on our part and additional security for you. I’m an involved owner, working directly with my employees in a family owned business.

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 Biohazard clean-ups for COVID-19


Let Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services take care of all of your office and janitorial needs in Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. Our staff is highly trained and committed to you. We offer a complete line of extended services for your additional needs.


HCS is doing everything from using Green-products, to hiring and training the best motivated staff in Nashville, our potential clients can tell by our references that we are 100% committed to our business.

We Do Expert Commercial Cleaning



  • Offices Of All Sizes
  • Medical Facilities
  • Music Industry
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Retail/Law Firms
  • Logistics Companies
  • Communication Industry


  • Expert Commercial Janitorial
  • Highly trained employees/ongoing
  • Regular nightly/weekly maintenance
  • Floor-Strip-Seal/Wax
  • Floor Buffing
  • Carpet Steam Extraction/Dry Bonnet Methods
  • Environmental Cleansers


  • Stand Alone Quality Guarantee- Or its Free!
  • Bonded & Insured
  • A+ BBB Member

Give us a chance to come out and engineer an estimate based on your individual office cleaning needs, and I know we can find a way to provide you with the services you want at a cost that is fair for both of us. Call Us at (615) 566-7400

We don’t use long term contracts to lock up our customers,
but instead we keep our clients by keeping their facilities clean!

We know time spent cleaning
equals cleanliness

We know you have expectations from your office cleaning service and we provide the services that we say we will when we come out and give a potential client an estimate. This is the number one complaint that we hear when we give estimates “they told us they we going to perform all of these duties but came extremely short of our expectations” This is where references are so important. This is why we ask our potential clients to call our references and confirm that we honored our promises.


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