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Most businesses must outsource the cleaning of their building nowadays due to the lack of resources and time they have. Giving your employees a healthy and safe environment to work in is still a requirement. Here at Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services know the appearance of your building is a direct reflection upon your company. For three decades, Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services has become an asset to the companies we clean. We can you project the right image to your clients. We pay attention to every detail. Call and learn more about what we include in our commercial cleaning services.

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Consistency & Cleanliness is Priority #1

Our highly trained commercial cleaners maintain clean indoor air quality by doing a fantastic job. We provide a healthy workplace by regularly dusting, sanitizing, vacuuming, and removing the trash, promoting odor control and air quality. This cuts down on sick time for employees and outages by controlling the spread of viruses and bacteria. We have trained our commercial cleaners in the proper procedures to keep your facility sanitized.

I will explain all our services during the free consultation and during the walk through when you call Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services. We offer excellent value and exceptional quality. I will provide you with a written estimate and customized commercial cleaning work order that suits your specific needs. For your free estimate, feel free to call us @ (615) 566-7400 or Contact Form

Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Janitorial Services

Floor Cleaning Services

Kitchen and Breakroom Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning and Sanitization

High Dusting

Odor Removal

Deep Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning

Carpet extraction/steam cleaning

Pressure washing

Venue Cleaning

And more!

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We can schedule services for daily, weekly, or anything in between when comes to your commercial cleaning needs. We want to provide a clean & healthy atmosphere that both your employees and customers will appreciate. Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services is looking out for our client’s needs, and we calculate every minute needed for every task.

The appreciated commercial clients we provide services for include:

  • Offices Of All Sizes
  • Music Industry
  • Music Venues
  • Wedding Venues
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Engineering Firms
  • Retail Stores
  • Law Firms – Accounting Firms
  • Property Management
  • And more!


Here we have listed the different services available to all our customers, but others have special needs. Our customers range from industrial facilities to medical facilities. We know certain situations require large cleaning crews along with odd cleaning hours. We provide janitorial services around the clock near and far. Transportation/logistic companies may need crews available 24 hours a day. We can do that.


Here you will find all the details of the outstanding office cleaning services we offer. These can fluctuate for business specific needs, days, and hours. We offer the listed specialized services by request. We know you expect to enter a fresh, clean, and sanitized business ready for your employees and guests. We are the uncompromising commercial cleaner that pays attention to the details.

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It may be time for a change. If playing musical cleaning services, has you looking for a new cleaning company, you can count on us. If you are looking for a professional, call Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services today for a free estimate!

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