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Office Cleaning Services

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Office Cleaning Services

We have made the technical and confusing simple when it comes to office cleaning. Office settings require more detail because your employees spend the majority their time in these areas. A supervisor manages our cleaning teams when the cleaning is taking place. We calculate and include enough time to professionally clean your facility.

We know time spent cleaning equals cleanliness. First impressions is of upmost importance when you first enter your building. You expect the building to be thoroughly clean. This makes all the difference when choosing between office cleaning companies. I have not found any office cleaning services near me that have our guarantee. We would love for you to contact a staff member: (615) 566-7400 or Contact Us



Nightly Janitorial Services include:

*We come in after hours to clean the office

*We can arrange cleanings for a 7, 5, 3, or 1 day a week cleaning schedule

*Hybrid schedules are available – full cleanings on one day & restrooms/trash on others

*We do complete office cleaning sanitization

*Special requests Are never a problem to add to our nightly janitorial services

*Carpet spot cleaning is available upon request

*Carpet steam extraction – dry foam methods

*Strip – wax – and buffing of hard floors

*Pressure washing

*Window cleaning/washing

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Commercial Office Cleaners & Their Duties 

We want to provide your clients, and your employees with a clean environment that will add to their safety and enjoyment. We stand out from other janitorial companies by using small, supervised teams.

Reception Areas

1.Entrance door glass will be spot cleaned

2.Reception area will be dusted & counter areas sanitized

3.Floor areas vacuumed, or swept and mopped

Cleaning The Office Areas

1.Offices dusted high to low, and desks wet wiping if desired

  1. Telephones dusted – sanitized if desired

3.Trash removed & carpets vacuumed

4.Water fountains cleaned & sanitized

5.All commons areas, specifically, mailrooms, and counters sanitized

6.Carpets vacuumed, and resilient floors swept & mopped

Kitchen & Break Areas

1.Dusted high to low, and the sinks cleaned

2.Counters, and tables sanitized each service

3.Microwaves cleaned if desired

4.Coffee machines

5.The floors swept with a germicidal cleaner, and mopped along with trash removal

Restroom Areas

We realize the restrooms are of particular concern when it comes to a sanitary environment for your employees and clients.

1.We dust all surfaces, and keep spills/splashes off partisans

2.Toilets/urinals will be sanitized top to bottom

3.Sinks, mirrors, countertops cleaned, and sanitized each service

4.All bright metal polished each cleaning

5.Trash removed, and liners replaced

6.Floors swept, and mopped with a sanitizing solution

7.Supplies replenished

8.More details provided in our brochure

Extended Office Cleaning Services

*Client retention program

*Deep restroom cleaning

*Wood floor maintenance

*Commercial odor control cleaning

*Heavy and light day deep cleanings

*Deep floor scrubbing

*Baseboard cleaning

*Pressure washing

*Window cleaning

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Harpeth Cleaning Services extend beyond the general to special requests. We can police the grounds around the office building for trash. We provide carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, retail, event, and wedding venue cleaning. We clean tile floors, cubicles, stairs, and elevators. Harpeth is one of the few office cleaning companies that are available 24 hours a day.

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