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Commercial Cleaning Services

Most businesses must outsource the cleaning of their building nowadays due to the lack of resources and time they have. Giving your employees a healthy and safe environment to work in is still a requirement. Here at Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services know the appearance of your building is a direct reflection upon your company. For three decades, Harpeth Commercial Cleaning Services has become an asset to the companies we clean. We can you project the right image to your clients. We pay attention to every detail. Call and learn more about what we include in our commercial cleaning services. READ MORE

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Office Cleaning 

We have made the technical and confusing simple when it comes to office cleaning. Office settings require more detail because your employees spend the majority their time in these areas. A supervisor manages our cleaning teams when the cleaning is taking place. We calculate and include enough time to professionally clean your facility.

We know time spent cleaning equals cleanliness. First impressions is of upmost importance when you first enter your building. You expect the building to be thoroughly clean. This makes all the difference when choosing between office cleaning companies. I have not found any office cleaning services near me that have our guarantee. READ MORE  or Give us a call: (615) 566-7400



Expert Janitorial Services

Harpeth Cleaning Services provides a work order with every estimate we calculate. The janitorial services quote we give is based on the information we gathered from during the walk through with you. We will email you the estimate & include a work order. Everything in the estimate is based off the things you expect from your new janitorial services vendor. READ MORE

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Commercial Cleaning services


  • Offices Of All Sizes
  • Medical Facilities
  • Music Industry
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Retail/Law Firms
  • Logistics Companies
  • Communication Industry


  • Expert Commercial Janitorial
  • Highly trained employees/ongoing
  • Regular nightly/weekly maintenance
  • Floor-Strip-Seal/Wax
  • Floor Buffing
  • Carpet Steam Extraction/Dry Bonnet Methods
  • Environmental Cleansers


  • Stand Alone Quality Guarantee- Or its Free!
  • Bonded & Insured
  • A+ BBB Member


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